for Saxophone, Accordion, Double-Bass & Percussion

World Premiere:     06/03/2010 by Students and Teachers of the Conservatory of Luxembourg @ Salle de Musique de Chambre, Philharmonie – Luxembourg (LU)
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About: Cuadrilátero represents a pedagogical challenge in my career. At the basis of this composition, one wish: to get closer to the Serial Music writing technique, which I had never tried before.

The Spanish word “Cuadrilátero” refers to a polygon with four sides.
This definition is so revealing about the form of the piece, which is based on musical elements organized by 4 and its multiples (8, 12, etc …), for example: four movements, 8-note scales, 12-note series four musicians, etc … “Cuadrilátero” also means “Boxing Ring”, used figuratively in this case, of course.

The obsession of getting every musical happening controlled goes pretty far away.
The melodic material is build from:
- series of 12 notes (in a dodecaphonic spirit, because not in a so rigorous way)
- scales in Mode 2 (Tone-Halftone-Tone… etc ….)

Some other elements of the piece are also controlled: intensity, rhythms, sound colours, etc ….
This controlled chaos reminds a fight (in the manner of a boxing match) between all the various settings that are part of this composition.

The work was conceived in four movements, although, only the first two are finished:
1. Passacaglia on an Ostinato Scale
2. Fugato

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