Dharma Temporae

for Two Female Singers, Two Accordions, Cello & Percussion

World Premiere:     30/11/2011 by “Niu Trio” & “A Dos d’Âmes” at Trifolion Concert Hall – Echternach (LU)
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About: My work, Dharma Temporae remains a very personal interpretation of Life In/With time.
The music has not only an illustration role of the text, but its inspiration & meaning has to be found in the energy that the words transmit.

The main musical elements of the piece are based on the 2nd Interval (major & minor) and in the Pentatonic Scale, which has been enlarged.
This work is more based on “textures”, especially in which concerns the atypical instrumentation: two female voices, two accordionists, one cellist and one percussionist… everyone has much to say

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