for Soprano, Flute, Cello, Harp & Percussion

World Premiere:     25/03/2009 by an Ensemble formed by Teachers of the Conservatory of Luxembourg @ Auditorium, Music Conservatory – Luxembourg (LU)
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About: This piece is, above all, my first try on atonal music.With Haiku3  I wanted to accept the challenge of writing a more “serious” music, as far as I had been a pretty “tonal” composer before this piece.

I chose to start this experience by using small structures, because I knew in advance that it was going to be difficult to write in a style that I was just starting to consider.

I was looking to write a vocal piece at that time, that’s how the idea of “Haiku” came out.

A Haiku is a typical Japanese form of poem, very short and condensed, but where each word has a large an important meaning.

Haiku3 is, in some way, a sort of suite of 3 musical poems which are, considering the musical writing technique, linked between them through mirroring effects on their construction.

For example: the third movement is simple the first movement but played in the other sense (from the end to the beginning)

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