for Symphonic Orchestra

World Premiere:     17/09/2012 by the Solistes Européens Orchestra under the direction of Christoph Koenig, at Auditorium of the Philharmonie – Luxembourg-City (LU)
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About: It’s often the chance that generates the craziest and most ambitious ideas:
I was speaking with a biology student friend about the difficulties we were encountering in the work / studies at that time.
She told me about her exam about Meiosis and Mitosis (two cell division processes).
I told her about a work, of the French composer Henri Dutilleux, that I was analyzing…
We realized pretty fast that were speaking in “different languages”.
I remember him saying: “… Meiosis is for me what contemporary music is for you…”

A few months later I got the exceptional opportunity to compose a piece for the “Solistes Éuropéens” orchestra, based in Luxembourg, and with the kind support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.
Looking for ideas for this new creation, I remember this conversation with my colleague and I imagined the challenge of putting together biology and music, which previously seemed quite distant.
Thus was born “Meiosis”.In a basic level, the piece is built on four themes/melodic and rhythmic patterns that develop as the chromosomes in a cell
(duplications, crossings, etc …)
The form of the work follows closely a basic diagram of the process of meiosis, with its various phases (interphase, prophase I, metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, prophase II, metaphase II, anaphase II, telophase II).
The form of this work is in constant development, or, why not, could be defined as a sort of theme and variations.

Ivan Boumans (13/06/2012)

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