____ I started to compose as part of a game. The fact is that I created a sort of composer’s club with two other colleagues who, like me, weren’t interested on spending their free time out in the hot spanish streets.Those first compositions didn’t deserve to be performed in public. They were written with the goal of scaping from moments of boredom.My first “public” composition was performed in a students concert at the Conservatory of Luxembourg in 2001.
ThisĀ Little Suite for Flute, Clarinet & Piano had a little succes, as far as it allowed me to be discovered by other instrumental teachers of this conservatory. Those teachers were my first sponsors and encouraged me to take my composition skills more serious.After a couple of years of developping this activity in a pedagogical context, came my first “serious” works as composer and arranger, specially under the sponsoring of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg.

It is at this point that to write music became the main direction of my career.