The Heat Wave (Album Version)

“The Heat Wave” is a comedy about Europe and it’s clichés through the story of a German-Spanish couple living in Luxembourg, a heat wave and the first visit of the father in law.

The music has been composed by Ivan Boumans, & performed and recorded by:

Piano: Ivan Boumans
Flamenco Cajón: Rogerio D’Souza
Flamenco Guitar: Adrián Alvarado
Bass: Jorge “Jato” Cerrato
Violins: Dana Hosseini-Yazdi & Ignacio Buqueras
Viola: Raquel Tavira
Violoncello: Maria José Tavira
Drums: Roberto Natal Sánchez
Tuba: Miguel Garrido

* * *
Music Recording Engineer: Luiz Dos Odé
Music Editor & Mixer: Patrick Floener

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